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Handbook of public administration / edited by B. Guy Peters & Jon Pierre.Public administration
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London ;
Sage Publications,
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Public administration

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00^aHandbook of public administration /^cedited by B. Guy Peters & Jon Pierre.
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30^aPublic administration
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^aLondon ;^aThousand Oaks, Calif. :^bSage Publications,^c2003.
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^axiv, 640 p. :^bill. ;^c26 cm.
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00^gIntroduction:^tRole of public administration in governing /^rB. Guy Peters, Jon Pierre --^tPublic management : old and new.^gIntroduction /^rHal G. Rainey --^tPublic management /^rLaurence E. Lynn, Jr. --^tMeasuring public sector performance and effectiveness /^rCarolyn J. Heinrich --^tStrategic planning and management /^rJohn M. Bryson --^tHuman resource management.^gIntroduction /^rPatricia W. Ingraham --^tComparative performance pay /^rMichael Katula, James L. Perry --
Campo 505:
00^tInnovations and global trends in human resource management practices /^rSally Coleman Selden --^tPay and perquisites for government executives /^rJorgen Gronnegaard Christensen --^tLabor-management relations and partnerships : were they reinvented? /^rJames R. Thompson --^tLeadership and the senior service from a comparative perspective /^rJohn Halligan --^tOrganization theory and public administration.^gIntroduction /^rTom Christensen --
Campo 505:
00^tHow bureaucratic structure matters : an organizational perspective /^rMorten Egeberg --^tInstitutional theories and public institutions : traditions and appropriateness /^rJean-Claude Thoenig --^tFormal theory and public administration /^rJack H. Knott, Thomas H. Hammond --^tEnvironmental perspectives on public institutions /^rKaren M. Hult --^tAdministrative history.^gIntroduction /^rJos C.N. Raadschelders --^tAdministrative state and society : a case study of the United States of America /^rLarry S. Luton --^tAdministrative traditions in Western Europe /^rFabio Rugge --
Campo 505:
00^tSouth Asian and Western administrative experience : the past in the present /^rJames Warner Bjorkman --^tImplementation.^gIntroduction ;^tImplementation perspectives : status and reconsideration /^rSoren C. Winter --^tPolicy design and implementation /^rPeter J. May --^tInterorganizational relations in implementation /^rLaurence J. O'Toole, Jr. --^tStreet-level bureaucrats and the implementation of public policy /^rMarcia K. Meyers, Susan Vorsanger --^tLaw and administration.^gIntroduction /^rGavin Drewry --^tContinental system of administrative legality /^rJacques Ziller --
Campo 505:
00^tAdministrative law in the Anglo-American tradition /^rPaul Craig --^tLimits of law : can laws regulate public administration? /^rDavid Feldman --^tPolitics and administration.^gIntroduction /^rNicole de Montricher --^tPublic organizations and public policies /^rGary C. Bryner --^tPoliticization of the civil service /^rLuc Rouban --^tInterest groups and public organizations in Europe /^rPierre Lascoumes, Patrick Le Gales --^tAdministration and society.^gIntroduction ;^tPolitical legitimacy for public administration /^rBo Rothstein --^tRepresentative bureaucracy /^rLois R. Wise --
Campo 505:
00^tStreet-level bureaucracy and public policy /^rSteven Rathgeb Smith --^tElectronic government : a revolution in public administration? /^rHelen Margetts --^tBudgeting and finance.^gIntroduction / Frans K.M. van Nispen --^tCritical choices for design and operation of public revenue systems /^rJohn L. Mikesell --^tFiscal rules and fiscal policy /^rMark Hallerberg --^tPerformance information and budgeting in historical and comparative perspective /^rRita M. Hilton, Philip G. Joyce --
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0^aPublic administration^vHandbooks, manuals, etc.
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1 ^aPeters, B. Guy.
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1 ^aPierre, Jon.
^aUniversidad de San Andrés - Biblioteca Max Von Buch
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