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The audience studies reader / edited by Will Brooker and Deborah Jermyn.
0415254345; 0415254353 (pbk.)
Lugar de Edición:
London ;
Fecha de Edición:
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Palabras clave:
Motion picture audiences.; Motion picture audiences; Television viewers.; Television viewers; Reading.

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^a0415254353 (pbk.)
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04^aThe audience studies reader /^cedited by Will Brooker and Deborah Jermyn.
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^aLondon ;^aNew York :^bRoutledge,^c2003.
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^axviii, 347 p. :^bill. ;^c25 cm.
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00^tPeople's choice : how the voter makes up his mind in a presidential campaign /^rPaul F. Lazarsfeld, Bernard Berelson, Hazel Gaudet --^tMass persuasion : the social psychology of a war bond drive /^rRobert K. Merton --^tAnalysis of the film Don't Be a Sucker : a study in communication /^rEunice Cooper, Helen Dinerman --^tTendency systems and the effects of a movie dealing with a social problem /^rCharles Winick --^tCulture industry reconsidered /^rT.W. Adorno --^tSeduction of the innocent /^rFredric Wertham --^tUses of literacy /^rRichard Hoggart.
Campo 505:
00^tNewson Report : a case study in 'common sense' /^rMartin Barker --^tNationwide audience /^rDavid Morley --^tPractice of everyday life /^rMichel de Certeau --^tUnderstanding popular culture /^rJohn Fiske --^t'We're here, we're queer and we're not going catalogue shopping' /^rGregory Woods --^tVisual pleasue and narrtive cinema /^rLaura Mulvey --^tBabel and Bablylon : spectatorship in American silent film /^rMiriam Hansen --^tStar gazing : Hollywood cinema and female spectatorship /^rJackie Stacey.
Campo 505:
00^tWomen viewing violence /^rPhilip Schlesinger, Rebecca Dobash, Russell Dobash, C. Kay Weaver --^t'Out of the closet and into the universe' : queers and Star Trek /^rHenry Jenkins --^tBeatlemania : girls just want to have fun /^rBarbara Ehrenreich, Elizabeth Hess, Gloria Jacobs --^tHistories, fictions and Xena : Warrior Princess /^rSara Gwenllian-Jones --^tSuffering and solace : the genre of pain /^rCamille Bacon-Smith --^tInside subculture : the postmodern meaning of style /^rDavid Muggleton --^tReading the romance : women, patriarchy and popular literature /^rJanice Radway.
Campo 505:
00^tLiving room wars : rethinking audiences for a postmodern world /^rIen Ang --^tFeminism and youth culture /^rAngela McRobbie --^tGirl talk : adolescent magazines and their readers /^rDawn H. Currie --^t'"Just a book", she said...' : reconfiguring ethnography for the female readers of sexual fiction /^rEsther Sonnet --^tEnlightened racism : The Cosby Show, audiences and the myth of the American dream /^rSut Jhally, Justin Lewis --^tExport of meaning : cross-cultural readings of Dallas /^rTamar Liebes and Elihu Katz.
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00^tColor purple : Black women as cultural readers /^rJacqueline Bobo --^tTelevision, ethnicity and cultural change /^rMarie Gillespie.
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0^aMotion picture audiences.
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0^aMotion picture audiences^xPsychology.
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0^aTelevision viewers.
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0^aTelevision viewers^xPsychology.
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1 ^aBrooker, Will,^d1970-
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1 ^aJermyn, Deborah,^d1970-
^aUniversidad de San Andrés - Biblioteca Max Von Buch
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