Sleep, napping and alertness during an overwintering mission at Belgrano II Argentine Antarctic station

Abstract: During Antarctic isolation personnel are exposed to extreme photoperiods. A frequent observation is a sleep onset phase delay during winter. It is not known if, as a result, daytime sleeping in the form of naps increases. We sought to assess sleep patterns - with focus on daytime sleepin...

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Autores principales: Folgueira, Agustín, Simonelli, Guido, Plano, Santiago Andrés, Tortello, Camila, Cuiuli, Juan Manuel, Blanchard, Abel, Patagua, Alejandro, Brager, Allison J., Capaldi, Vicente F., Aubert, André E., Barbarito, Marta, Golombek, Diego A., Vigo, Daniel Eduardo
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Publicado: Nature Research 2019
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